Welcome to the only site on the web dedicated to the Vibert surname and all it’s derivatives, especially those in Canada and the USA.

The site is being regularly updated and in particular I will be uploading updated trees and old photographs on a regular basis. The site will be substantially added to in the latter stages of 2014 onwards so please bookmark it and remember to return regularly.

I hope you find the site to be both interesting, informative, and a useful resource for those of you researching their family histories connected to the Vibert family .

If you have information you would like to see put on the site email me at tvibert@localdial.com with the details.

My sincerest thanks go to everyone who has sent me information and photographs, without whose help this site would not be possible. I would especially like to acknowledge all the work done by the late Judy Weikum who has provided a lot of the Canadian and American information.

Important update : some of you may have experienced difficulties accessing the site in 2019. This was as a result of the site being targeted by hackers. The hosters of the site have now added extra security to protect the site in future and I have now fixed the links on the pages. If you spot one that still does not work please email me on tvibert@localdial.com and I will fix it asap.

This site is dedicated to the memory of my late father John Vibert who passed away on 19th December 2009. Rest in peace Dad.