The Swiss branch of the family started, as far I know with a Joseph vibert who was actually born in Crempigny Bouneguete, France. Two generations later the family moved to Carouge, a Canton in Geneva, Switzerland.Carouge was founded by Victor-Amedée, who was the King of  Sardinia. Here is the family tree :-

swiss viberts start joseph 1685

Carouge is where the Vibert family has had a political, administrative and cultural role. In Carouge you will find Avenue Vibert, which has taken is name from François Vibert, chief of the police of Carouge, and then mayor of the city. Other members of the family were sculptors, painters and composers, some of whom are listed under the famous viberts section. There is still a branch of Vibert living in Geneva. Below is a map of where Avenue vibert is, plus details of a fountain commisioned by Jean Paul Vibert who used to live and work on Avenue Vibert.

L-Eveil-de-la-Haute-Loire_big L-Eveil-de-la-Haute-Loire_large (1) L-Eveil-de-la-Haute-Loire_large