Pierre-Eugène Vibert was both  born in 1875 and died in 1937 in Carouge near Geneva, Switzerland. Below is an engraved self portrait.


A highly skilled wood engraver, etcher and painter, Pierre-Eugene Vibert came to Paris in 1893 and spent most of his career there. He began exhibiting his art at the prestigious Paris Salon in 1900 and was awarded a gold medal at the 1903 Exposition Universalle. As a leading wood engraver, Vibert was equally well respected for his landscapes, figure studies and portraits. In this latter category, he engraved the heads of Stendhal, Anatole France, Verhaeren, Gourmont and Constantin Meunier.

Many of his wood engravings were printed in multiple colours but some of his finest work was in black and white. Nude, one of his finest original woodcuts, showcases the atmospheric and textural elements that made his art famous.

In 1914, Vibert was appointed Professor at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts, Paris. His art and technique thus influenced a large number of rising French printmakers in the 1920’s and 1930’s. Below are some of his engravings.



Vibertsabliere danseuse1922 vibert_pierre_eugene_nude


Pierre bought a house in a village near Montfort L’Aumaury  in 1922, when his son Jean-Paul Vibert ( 1906-2001 ) opened what is now a well known printing shop. His daughter Yvette and her son Raphael still live.