Jules Louis Joseph Vibert was born in Lyons, France on 4/4/1815. He married Martha Adian Johanna Leenhoff who was born on 27/5/1834 in Delft, Netherlands. Her sister married the famous artist Edward Manet.They had two sons, Alexandre and Edouard. Below are a couple of photos of Jules.


Jule in 1865

jules vibert painter 1815-1889

Jules vibert as young man





Jules studied at the Beaux des Arts de Lyons, his hometown, and then moved to Paris where he attended the Beaux des Arts there. He became a pupil of Paul de la roche at his salon in 1841. He primarily painted religious scenes and received orders from churches

His second son Edouard was also an artist and was a copyist of Manet. I could only find one painting of Jules’ which shown below. His work is widely collected and a painting called ” french artists taking their siesta in a Spanish Posada ” was bought by the National gallery of Victoria Australia.


The Painter and the Student by Jules Vibert 41cm x 33cm