Whilst this site is primarily Viberts, I felt it only right to include a tree from my late mother’s side who was a Rive. Her name was Marina Edith Rive. I have not done much research on this family tree and the below tree is partly reproduced from a tree put together by Mr A Norman and posted on Jerripedia, and added to with further information by me. I have checked all of the Rive Baptisms from 1842 to 1909 and all the births are recorded on this one tree, indicating that this was the only surviving line in Jersey.

More work will be done towards the end of 2014 including hopefully the inclusion of some  old photos

The name Rive originates from the Latin word ripa meaning a river bank, or possibly a plateau by a river or from places of the same name. As a surname it originally denoted someone who lived at such a place. The French for a river bank is rive.

Descendants of Thomas Rive 1690