In 1565 when John Vibert and his family moved to Sark the Island was soon divided into 40 Tenements by Helier De Carteret which detailed below.  Below is an aerial photo of Sark and also below is the population record for Sark. As at October 2014 La Rade cottage was for sale by Sark Estate Agents for £585,000 for a 99 year lease !


sark aerial view


Year 1274 1821 1831 1841 1851 1861 1871 1881 1891 1901 1911 1921 1931 1939 1951 1961 1971 2008 2012
Sark >400 488 543 785 580 583 546 571 570 504 579 611 571 430 555 550 584 >474 >444 (est. 600)
Brechou 0 0 5 0 0 5 7 2 2 0 3 6 0 10 11 6


The Tenements

Below is a list of the first Tenements as listed in the excellent book ” the fief of sark ” first published in 1969. Sadly out of print but well worth a read if you can get hold of a copy. If have any further info please let me know and  will update the page as soon as possible. The first six listed tenements are the first six that the first members of the small party who accompanied Helier De Carteret and his wife Margaret to Sark in 1565. These are all located in the area above Port du Moullin in the area originally occupied by the former monastery, it’s watermill, and dam, which would have been the only structures available for use at that time.


tenement name 1st tenant name  parish of origin meaning of tenement name
la perronerie Isaac Le Gros st lawrence from ” perron ” or balustrade re view
la moinerie Hiou De Carteret cousin of helier association of site with monastery
la moinerie de haut Thomas Paychin St Ouen association of site with monastery
L’Ecluse ? Le Cerf St Ouen name of dam “elcluse” above water mill
La rondellerie Guillaume Chevalier St Ouen from rondel, family who held it from 1612
La Rade Jean Vibert St Ouen on road to mill ” rade du Moullin “
Le Grand Fort Pierre Rogier St Ouen in proximity to french fort built in 1549
Le Fort Matthieu Le Brocq St Ouen in proximity to french fort built in 1549
La Tour Francois Le Couteur St Ouen in proximity to french fort built in 1549
La geneterie ? Guille St Ouen
Le Grand Beauregard Nicolas Gosselin unknown because of great views to guernsey
Le Petit Beauregard Noel Vaudin unknown because of great views to guernsey
Le Vieux Port Guille Tanqueral unknown
Le Port a la Jument Nicolas Du Val unknown
La Vaurocque Benjamin poingdestre unknown peculiar shape rock in vicinity
La Ville Roussel ? Poingdestre unknown
La Ville roussel de Bas ?Le Feuvre unknown
Clos de Menage ? Dolbel unknown
Le carrefour Clement Hacquoil unknown site is north east of crossroads ” carrefour “
Clos De La Ville Phillipe Alexandre unknown
La Ville Farm Jean Quesle french refugee he was colonists doctor in 1565
La vallette de Haut Thomas Hamon unknown
La vallette de bas Jehannet hotton unknown
Aval du Creux Nicolas Chrisin unknown corruption of ” Avant du Creux ” above harbour
La Fripponerie Julien de Carteret unknown means ” place of trickery ” unknown why
La Collenette Lucas Le Masurier unknown
La forge Regny Le Qedy unknown
Dosdane Nicolas Guille unknown derived from hollow in road leading to La Coupee
Le Grand Dixcart William Smith england brewer and butcher to 1st colonists
clos de dixcart Jean Noel unknown
Pomme de Chien Robert Jagault unknown from orchard planted in valley of oak trees
Le Petit Dixcart Pierre Le Brocq unknown
Jaspellerie Edward brayer unknown from name of 2nd tenant Jasper Dare
Clos Bourel ? Vibert of Rade St Ouen from french captain Bruel
La Sablonnerie ? Nicole unknown derived from sany soil in area where house is
La Pipeterie ? Pipet unknown derived from name of 1st tenants
La Donnellierie Gregory Warre unknown
La Moserie Amos Vaudin unknown corruption of ” L’amosierie ” after 1st tenant
La Duvallerie Jean De carteret relative of helier from tenants Samuel Duval and son in 17th C