The Ship Gaspe was the one that Phillip Vibert spent more years on than any other. and was the one he also lost his life on in 1830 when shipwrecked in a storm in the Bay of Biscay. I have been lucky enough to have had access to the original log books which were inherited by a local resident and have transcribed some of the info below. firstly is a the daily positioning log of his 1829 journey from Jersey to South America in 1829. Remember they only had sextants and used the stars for navigation. If you plot the coordinates of where they thought they were, you are in for a suprise !

ships journey of ship gaspe 1829

Phillip clearly had a good sense of humour, which I suppose if your were at sea for 5 months at a time you would need. below is a short extract of some valentines poems he sent to his wife in Jersey, together with some replies

Extract from a book of letters written by Captain Phillip Vibert

Phillip almost met his end in 1830 when the ship was wrecked in the Bay of Biscay in winter 1830. fortunately for us he kept a detailed journal, an extract of which is reproduced below.

capt phil vibert ship Gaspe final log 5-3-1830

As and when I get more info I will post it here